Genealogy Resources

Our family researchers share their genealogical knowledge with you.  

Learn common causes of death and the reasons in the 1800s from a modern-age medical doctor.

Learn some surprising places to find your female ancestors along with some tips for finding her maiden name. Then you’ll be ready to discover your Kentucky roots.

A good source of early Kentucky genealogical information is the county tax lists.

Family researchers can find older editions of Laurel County Newspapers online. Learn How.

For many Kentucky researchers, the US census is the go-to record for understanding family genealogy. Since 1790, the US government has counted the inhabitants of the states.

Many ancestors lived in New England prior to migrating to Kentucky. Our member researcher describes his visit to the New England Historic Genealogical Society library to review their Kentucky collections.

Littell's Law Books contain rich details about what our ancestors were doing in the early years of Kentucky.

We have collected over 80 examples of family histories and genealogy that you can use as a resource for your research or learn how to write a compelling family history.