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Our Society is pleased to award grants to holders of genealogically significant Kentucky records for digitization.

The Digitization Grant Program furthers one of the Society’s primary missions to encourage the preservation and availability of Kentucky records that are essential to genealogical and historical research.

The Society launched this digitization grant program in 2019 to encourage the digitization of records that are at risk from being lost forever or are otherwise valuable to Kentucky genealogical researchers. 

As events in 2022 demonstrate, some Kentucky records are one fire, flood, or tornado from being lost forever. These natural disasters can strike at any time.

The Digitization Grant Program is funded by the generosity of members and the general public. 



Our Recent Digitization Projects

Since 2019, we have awarded grants to several genealogical or historical societies and public libraries throughout Kentucky. These are examples of some of our many projects.


Large Collection

The collection is large and diverse containing records relating to the history, culture and genealogy of the region. 



Bullitt Family Papers

This collection focuses on materials related to enslaved African Americans in the southeastern United States.



Log Cabin Newspaper

The Log Cabin newspapers (1896-1960) offers insight to national and local events.



County Library

This collection contains a variety of records from Green County’s unique past. Many printed record transcriptions, historic photos, oral histories, and other miscellaneous items.

Share Your Project

Is your institution looking for a partner to assist with digitizing your collection?

We have assisted with a variety of projects.

Eligible records cover a wide variety of topics such as newspapers, directories, school or organization yearbooks, church records, trade or vocational records, funeral home records, and pension records.  This list, however, only scratches the surface on the records in need of digitization.

Each year we accept applications from July to October. We have a grant application package available to those who are interested.