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It may surprise you to learn that genealogy isn’t a new hobby. In some cultures, people have been tracing their family trees for thousands of years. And it wasn’t just about solving a mystery or getting into someone’s will.

In this guide to genealogy, we’ll take a look at how it can be both an incredibly interesting hobby and an asset to your future family members. We’ll take you through the history of genealogy, as well as some of the most common resources used by genealogists today.

What is Genealogy?

It’s said that humans are naturally curious, so it’s no surprise that they have always been fascinated with their origins. As a hobby, genealogy revolves around researching your family history to capture the descendants by generation.

Some family researchers even see how far back they can trace their bloodline. Family history encompasses more than simply who married whom and what children they had. The research often reveals family traditions, lifestyles, and motivations.

Why is Genealogy Important to Kentuckians?

Researching your ancestry can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. When family researchers discuss why they like this hobby, many state that it gives them a sense of belonging and a reason to talk with close and distant family members. By learning about the adversity there family members faced, they feel a new source of strength and determination. Just imagine what it would be like if you could trace your family line back several generations and learn how they migrated to Kentucky.

Others said it helped them come to terms with who they were. By understanding their grandparents, many find a new understanding of their parents and family.

Often, tracing your family history is an important part of connecting with past generations—your legacy and your identity. As you investigate your ancestry, you might find some surprising details about yourself and your place in history.

If you’re interested in learning more about genealogy as a hobby, read our Getting Started with Kentucky Genealogy.

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