Standing Committees

Here's a list of committees, what they do, and the skills needed for each. Please decide which committees best fit your skills, talents, and interests. Then email the committee representative or see online form at end of this page for expressing interest. 

Finance Committee: Prepares the budget; arranges an annual audit for presentation at the annual meeting; determines new sources of income.

Grant Committee: Considers, evaluates, and selects the recipient of the digitization grant.

Membership Committee: Prepares and implements a plan for soliciting new members and encouraging renewals.

Program Committee: Arranges for all adult education programs.

Projects Committee: Initiates and conducts all projects approved by the board of directors.

Communications Committee: Informs the membership and the general public about programs and events through periodical publications, social media, the website, and other formats and platforms.

Seminar Committee: Organizes in-person or virtual seminars.

Technology Committee: Keeps the organization up-to-date on advancements in technology and how technology can benefit the society and its members.

Bylaws Committee: Considers amendments to the bylaws.

Want to start soon as a volunteer? Please send an email to the chair of the committee that is the best fit for you.