Meet Our Counties: Menifee

Key locations: Denniston, Frenchburg (county seat), Korea, Mariba, Means, Pomeroyton, Scranton, Sudith, and Wellington

Geography: Menifee County is situated within the Appalachian region of Kentucky and is known for its scenic landscapes. The county is part of the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Menifee County is bordered by Bath County (north), Rowan County (northeast), Morgan County (east), Wolfe County (south), Powell County (soutrhwest), Montgomery County (west).

History: Menifee County formed in 1869 from portions of Bath, Montgomery, Morgan, Powell, and Wolfe counties. Named after Richard H. Menefee, a U.S. Congressman from Kentucky.


1920 Population: 5,779
2020 Population: 6,502

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