Becoming a Genealogist & Family Historian: A Free Five Part Class

The Society is please to offer as a public service the Free Five-Part Class: Becoming a Genealogist & Family Historian with Susan J. Court.

This Free Five-Part series covers the steps to becoming a genealogist from examining the objectives and understanding the terminology; learning what records to research and where those records are located; exploring how to research in-person, online, or using DNA, and how to record and organize the resulting research on paper, online, or using software; delving into the mechanics of the online fee-based and free data bases; and finally looking at ways to share the research with others, thereby becoming the family’s storyteller.

Course Instructor Susan J. Court, M.A., J.D., is a genealogist and author of 12 family histories, many of which are in the collections of historical societies or museums, and 15 genealogy or history articles; a frequent lecturer on genealogy and moderator of genealogy discussion groups; a member of nine genealogical or historical societies in the United States and Great Britain, including the Kentucky Genealogical Society where she serves as Co-President and Member of the Board and leads the Society’s collaboration with FamilySearch.

Class 1: Introduction – Click here to view on YouTube

Class 2: Foundation for Becoming a Genealogist – Click here to view on YouTube

Class 3: Online Research – Click here to view on YouTube

Class 4: Additional Online Research Techniques – Click here to view on YouTube

Class 5: Chronicling Your Family Story – Click here to view on YouTube

Companion Guide – Click here to access the companion guide


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KY Genealogical Society

As the virtual statewide genealogical society for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Society's mission is to facilitate genealogical education, promote standards, and share best practices within the Kentucky genealogy community. It also works to make important genealogy records of Kentucky accessible through collaboration and digitization. Additionally, the Society aims to forge a community by connecting researchers across all 120 counties.

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