Members Complete 13 Week Genetic Genealogy Study Group

Congratulations to the members who recently completed a 13 week study group on the basics of genetic genealogy:

  • Suzanne Bergum
  • Bob Calhoun
  • Maria Capaldi
  • Joyce Carey
  • Jenny Coss (co-facilitator)
  • Rhonda Donohue
  • Michelle Haywood
  • Lukas Murphy
  • Rebecca Page (co-facilitator)
  • Jeri Steele (assistant co-facilitator)
  • Julie Wilson

Members of the group read the Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy (Bettinger, Blaine T.; Family Tree Books; 2019). 

Each week, the group read one chapter of the text and discussed what they learned with one another. The group worked through exercises and considered real world applications to improve overall understanding of the different DNA tests, how the tests can be applied to different situations, and what some of the DNA analysis tools can do to aid that process. 

Ideas for other study groups in future are percolating.

If you have a suggestion for a future genealogy focused book club, send an email with your suggestion.

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Meet our Members: Linda McCauley

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