Meet our Members: Denyce Porter Peyton

What do you enjoy about researching Kentucky ancestors?

I enjoy learning about the history of Kentucky through the “eyes” and life events of my ancestral families. Understanding the historical context of different locations and time periods is of great value in evaluating sources that provide the stories of my family’s lives and those with whom they lived, worked and associated.

What’s your favorite suggestion for other Kentucky researchers?

I recommend that researchers learn about the diverse collections of historical sources that are available to Kentucky researchers. It takes patience and perseverance, but acquiring that knowledge is so helpful in our research. Also,I encourage researchers to investigate and recognize the valuable historical sources that are in brick and mortar repositories and in catalogs online and in local family history libraries.

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Formed in 1973 to provide educational opportunities for family history researchers, the Kentucky Genealogical Society connects family historians in all of Kentucky's 120 counties.

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