Kentucky Genealogical Society WikiTree Challenge – June 2023

We are excited to collaborate with WikiTree for a WikiTree Kentucky Genealogical Society Challenge in June 2023.

What is WikiTree?

WikiTree is a free, collaborative, online family tree and genealogy community that was launched in 2008. It allows users to create and share their family trees with others, while also connecting with other genealogy enthusiasts who are researching their own family histories. 

Unlike other genealogy websites, WikiTree is focused on collaborative research, meaning that members work together to build a single, shared family tree. This helps to eliminate duplication of research efforts and ensures that information is as accurate and complete as possible.

Mary Todd Lincoln WikiTree Profile  [Source: WikiTree Profile]

Other Kentucky notables: Muhammad Ali | Loretta Young | Carrie Moore Nation | Edgar Cayce

What is the WikiTree Challenge?

The WikiTree team is focused on building their one-world tree with as many people connected into the tree as possible. However, it should be fun! So they have challenges often to encourage users to add source profiles and connect them to the larger tree.

They are simultaneously competitive and collaborative!

Each month there are a variety of challenges available to help source profiles and clean up profiles that need help. At least quarterly, they sponsor a Connect-a-Thon with the soul goal of connecting more profiles into the larger tree. In the January 2023 Connect-a-Thon over 95K profiles were added and connected.

A Challenge Just For Our Society

Our WikiTree Challenge runs for one week near the end of June. During that time, we will compete to contribute, improve, and add profiles to the WikiTree site, and to gain the most points. Starting with our seven chosen Kentuckians, we will race to grow seven degrees of connections for these individuals. Connections (or relationships) can go up, down, and out in every direction, and include relationships through marriage. Nuclear relatives (parents, siblings, spouses, and children) are one degree from the starting person. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, in-laws, and grandchildren are two degrees, etc.

Points are awarded for each sourced profile created within seven degrees of a starting person. Scores are automatically calculated hourly. But bonus points are available for special situations such as breaking a brick wall, finding a unique connection, or some other interesting discoveries.

We encourage everyone in the society to participate in this event.

How Are the Special Seven Chosen?

This is where you come in! We want society members to assist with selecting the seven profiles. Using this form, nominate one (or more individuals) who meet the following criteria.

  • Notable Kentuckians who are no longer alive. Could be an author, historian, explorer, or even a stage star. The WikiTree representative suggested checking Wikipedia to see if the person had a bio already.
  • If they have a complete WikiTree profile, it cannot be built out. So, make sure you search their directory to ensure your nominee is not there already or the profile has minimal information.
  • Kentuckian means they lived a significant portion of their life in the state. Let’s try to find people who had an impact on the Commonwealth while living there.
  • You can nominate more than one individual.

We will accept nominations until 26 April 2023 from society members. Click here to nominate a Kentucky Ancestor that meets the criteria.

Training for the Event

If you have ever visited the WikiTree site, you know that it is focused more on writing the biography and having excellent sources. It also has a slight learning curve. However, don’t be discouraged, here are some resources to help you get started on the site. We’ve found it worth the time to figure it out.

Overview of WikiTree

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