On a regular basis, the Kentucky Genealogical Society provides educational opportunities to members and non-members. This page contains the topics from the 2020 Kentucky Genealogical Society meetings.

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December 2020

Funeral Home Collections with Ari Wilkins

What useful information can you get from a funeral home for genealogical research? Funeral home records can contain so much more than a death certificate and obituary! Files can reveal the deceased and the family's extended genealogical information, church affiliations, financial status, and even how they planned for the future. This lecture also describes processing the large donated funeral home collection using a genealogical society.

Speaker Bio

Ari Wilkins, a graduate of Louisiana State University, has been actively researching family history since 1998. Ms. Wilkins has spoken nationally at the National Genealogical Society, Federation of Genealogical Societies, Texas State Genealogical Society, Ohio Genealogical Society, Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research, Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, American Library Association, RootsTech, and a multitude of local societies. Ari has been a Library Associate at Dallas Public Library since 2007. She teaches a series of basic research classes using popular genealogical websites. She specializes in African American research

October 2020

How to Involve the Whole Family in Family History Fun with Nicole Dyer

Every family member connects with their family history in a different way. You may be the genealogist but perhaps your other family members are not. Your brother might be the storyteller who gathers his nieces and nephews to tell them funny stories from the past. Your sister may be the musician who sings the traditional Christmas song each year, then writes down the notes and words and shares it with everyone. Someone in your family might be great at analyzing shared DNA segments. Children enjoy participating in family stories in many ways. Everyone has a contribution to make to preserving and telling your family's story. Learn ideas for involving family of all ages in your family history efforts. Here are some family history activities that can include relatives of all ages!

Speaker Bio

Nicole Dyer is a professional genealogist, lecturer, and creator of FamilyLocket.com and the Research Like a Pro Genealogy Podcast. She is the co-author of "Research Like a Pro: A Genealogist's Guide" and author of "Find Names for the Temple: A Step-by-Step Method for Success." Nicole is the publicity chair at the Pima County Genealogy Society. She specializes in Southern United States research, including Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. She holds a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in History Teaching.

July 2020

Tracing a Kentucky Family From Freedom to Slavery

The most difficult part of genealogical research for African Americans is finding and identifying slave ancestors and their owners, but as difficult as this might seem, it is not impossible. For many people of African descent, the experience can become overwhelming. This lecture will focus on the clues and resources needed to recreate an African American ancestor’s journey from freedom to slavery, including the importance of using the US Federal Census records and the records of the potential slaveholder.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Deborah A. Abbott, PhD, is a professional genealogist, specializing in African American research, manuscript collections and genealogy methodology.

February 2020

Session One: Finding the Correct Oliver Porter Using the Proof Standard Methods

How to establish the habit of following five elements of the Genealogical Proof Standard to every record search, analysis, and story documentation. A case study will involve the identities of two men with the same name who lived near each other in western Kentucky.

Session Two: Discovering a Probable Family Branch Through Cluster Research

An exploration about how researching friends, neighbors, and close associates living near our research subjects can open a path to additional family branches.

Speaker Bio

Denyce Porter Peyton has been an avid genealogist for more than 25 years, providing professional research services since 2004. Her specialties focus on 19th and 20th century Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, the Southeastern states, and African-Americans in antebellum and post-Emancipation eras. She has provided independent research for an episode of Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s "Finding Your Roots" on PBS. She lives in Cincinnati.

January 2020

Your Genealogy Legacy

Speaker: Nancy Simmons Roberson

You have spent years researching, or maybe you are just starting. Have you thought about what will happen to all the info and memorabilia you find during your hours of research? What if there is a natural disaster or your hard drive crashes. How about those old family photos and letters? Are you organizing them and finding a good method to store them? What about on-line trees and those annoying passwords? The biggest danger to your work is procrastination. As you continue to research, you can start to organize and preserve your work.

In two one-hour sessions, learn how to store and archive your legacy.