Kentucky’s American Indian History, as Revealed Through Archaeology

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Kentucky’s American Indian History, as Revealed Through Archaeology

Learn about Native peoples who lived in ancient times in Kentucky and whom are the ancestors of the Native Americans living in Kentucky today.

What You Will Learn

After laying to rest the myths that continue to circulate about Kentucky’s ancient Native Peoples, this presentation will review high points in our Commonwealth’s Native history prior to the arrival of non-Native people. Information drawn from researching artifacts and archaeological sites scattered across Kentucky provides the foundation for describing Native lifeways (subsistence and technology, exchange, and domestic and ritual activities) and how they changed through time. Kentucky’s Native history is the story of adaptive, resilient, creative peoples whose descendants still live in our state.


Gwynn Henderson is the Education Director at the Kentucky Archaeological Survey, a program of Western Kentucky University’s Department of Folk Studies and Anthropology. She received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Kentucky and has carried out field research in Kentucky, the Ohio Valley, Tennessee, and Mexico. Her archaeological research and publications focus on the ancient Native farming cultures of the middle Ohio Valley.

As a public archaeologist, she works with others to develop lessons, booklets, video programs, and workshops that make information about Kentucky’s rich archaeological heritage accessible to a wide audience. A writer of children’s nonfiction, her articles have been published in several children’s magazines, and her book for adult literacy students, Kentuckians Before Boone, has been used in Kentucky classrooms.

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Kentucky's American Indian History, as Revealed Through Archaeology

19 Nov, 20247:00pm EST1 hour

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