Our Member's Family Stories

Our members love to share the stories about their families. Some stories show you how to improve your research, others pose theories, and some are just sweet little ditties. You are welcome to share your family story or your favorite research technique with us.


Our Member Stories

Find your Kentucky Revolutionary War Veteran with these resources.

The Doan family relocated to Harrison County, KY, after earlier generations landed in Plymouth Rock.

Aaron Horn Sr. moved his family to Fort Boonesborough in 1778. He died soon after arriving leaving many mysteries for his descendents.

Here are tips for finding your ancestor’s coal mining records.

Our ancestors migrated to Harlan County for the promise of a better future.

Family researchers can find older editions of Laurel County Newspapers online. Learn How.

We have collected over 80 examples of family histories and genealogy that you can use as a resource for your research or learn how to write a compelling family history.