Past Society Grant Program Recipients

Updates from the Digitization Grant Program

Since 2020, the Kentucky Genealogical Society has made grant money available to historical societies and libraries. This money ensures the survival of records of genealogical significance. Here’s a recap of some of our projects. If your institution needs assistance getting a collection digitized, contact us.

2020 The Filson Historical Society: Baptist Orphan Records

As the first Baptist orphanage in the United States, the Louisville Baptist Orphan’s Home is the oldest continuously operating children’s home in the south. After the Civil War, the home was established to serve the many children were left orphaned and impoverished. By 1888, over 500 children had been admitted to the orphanage. Its mission in later years has included many other children in need. By 1969, the home had cared for an estimated 8,000 children.

Collection: The collection contains letters from Mary A. Hollingsworth, matron, written between 1873-1910 about the placement of orphan children.

2020 Todd County Library: Frances Fox Collection

Another grant will help the Todd County library in Elkton, KY, begin the digitization of handwritten and typed documents from the collection of late local historian Frances Fox. The records are based on interviews and offer personal accounts and stories of Todd County families. Library director and project manager Audrea Clairmont said in the grant application: “These are one-of-a-kind documents . . . and any knowledge about these hundreds of families may or may not have been passed down and could be totally lost if something happens to these records.

Frances Thomasson Fox died July 16, 2009, who lived in Russellville, KY, was designated the “Todd County Genealogist”. She was active in community and church concerns, especially historical genealogical interests. She wrote a monthly column for the Todd County Standard, “Discover Your Family Tree.”

Access Collection: Available at the Todd County Library and in the Member Resources area.

2021 Carroll County Library: Historical County Records

Many of our records were donated by patrons through wills or trusts. The collection is large and diverse containing records relating to the history, culture and genealogy of the region. Included are one-of-a-kind original maps, drawings, photographs, genealogical records/family trees, historical writings, newspapers, scrapbooks, books and various other records.

Collection: This collection is available at the Carroll County library and in the Member Resources area.

2021 Filson Historical Society: Bullitt Family Papers

Records of enslaved and free African Americans are found in various media in the Bullitt Family Papers, include correspondence, journals, memoirs, receipts, bills of sale, account and ledger books, court cases and depositions, and estate inventories and divisions. This collection focuses on materials related to enslaved African Americans in the southeastern United States, with a focus on Kentucky.

Collection: Available at the Filson Historical Society

2022  Ballard Carlisle Historical and Genealogy Society: County Collection

This collection contains personal narratives, photos, maps, correspondence from the city. It includes the following areas: Ballard County cemeteries, Bandana, Barlow, Blandville, Ceredo, East Cairo, Fort Jefferson, Gage, Hinkleville, Ingleside, Kevil, La Center, Lovelaceville, Monekey’s Eyebrow, Needmore, New York, Oscar, Slater, Wickliffe, and Wickliffe Mounds. If the larger grant amount is offered, the following areas will be covered:Carlisle County, Carlisle County Cemetereis, Arlington, Bardwell, Burkley/Berkley, Cummingham, Kribyton, Laketon, McGee Springs, and Milburn. Some of these records are over 100 years old.

Collection: When complete, this collection will be available from the Ballard-Carlisle site.

2022 Cynthiana-Harrison County Library: Log Cabin Newspaper

The Log Cabin was a local newspaper that was in print from 1896-1960. This collection offers access and insight to information seekers regarding obituaries, special events, the pandemic of 1918 as well as both World Wars. Vital statistics that are integral to the continuation of genealogical research are often found in birth and marriage announcements as well as obituaries.

Collection: Available from the Library Portal

2022 Green County Library: County History

This collection contains a variety of records from Green County’s unique past. Many printed record transcriptions, historic photos, oral histories, and other miscellaneous items.

Collection: When complete, this collection will be available from the Library Portal.

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Past Society Grant Program Recipients

Past Society Grant Program Recipients

A recap of the Kentucky Genealogical Society grant projects for digital archives.

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