Write for Us: Our Editing Process

Our blog has a specific look that our readers appreciate. Our editing process ensures that we are presenting quality work to our readers and that your article gets as many eyeballs as possible. 

If you follow the Bluegrass Roots Submission Guidelines, the process is easier for everyone.

Reviewing the Articles

As volunteers, we work the articles in batches usually once every six - eight weeks. We want to collect several articles to work on at once. You may not hear from us immediately. Please be patient.

When you submit the post through the website, we receive an email. We receive the article to ensure the topic fits our mission statement. We check for any plagiarism issues or if the post recently appeared elsewhere. 

We will contact you if there are questions or if we cannot accept the article.

The Basic Workflow

Once we decide to act on an article, the workflow is quick. We only publish content once a week, so we have a backlog quickly.

  1. The article is copied into a Google Doc template.
  2. We determine where the article fits in our blog and choose the keywords.
  3. The post is edited for clarity, grammar, and style. We follow the Chicago Manual of Style.
    The headlines, subheadings, and first paragraph are re-worded for search engine optimization.
  4. We review the images for potential copyright issues. Sometimes we add images that better illustrate your ideas.
  5. We check the links and ensure sources are valid.
  6. The post is sent to the editing team for a line edit and link check.
  7. We send you a link to the post in Google Docs where you can provide feedback.
  8. The post and artwork are moved into the blog. Only very minor changes can be made after this post reaches this stage.
  9. You are provided with a link to the final post.

Note: We reserve the right to edit submissions for content, spelling, grammar, and formatting. However, we will never change the overall message of an article. If there are questions, we will consult with you.

Thank you for considering Bluegrass Roots for your post. If you have questions about this document, contact publications@kygs.org.



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