We Found 297 Genealogy Books about Kentucky Families

Recently we published genealogy books about Kentuckians that we found in Google Books. We repeated the experiment with the Family Search library. It was not a disappointment. There were 297 genealogy books that mentioned a Kentuckian.

These books provide budding genealogists with some examples of how others have presented their research. If you are hot in the middle of researching your pre-1950s Kentucky ancestors, then one of these books might force open a brick wall.

Finding Kentucky Ancestors in the Family Search Library

Many think that you have to visit the Family Search Library in Utah before you can access one of their books. [One of our members did and shared her experience!] The library has a huge digital collection of books, manuscripts, and other assorted genealogical materials.

When you search for an item, it returns everything the library has that has your keyword. Some of these books are not available because of copyright restrictions, but many more can be viewed online and even downloaded.

Here are the steps for searching their books.

  1. At the Family Search site, go to the Search menu at the top and select the Books menu item.
  2. Type your Kentucky ancestor’s surname or full name in the Search field. If the search term is found, a page displays with the results.
  3. Abandon your afternoon plans so you can explore this rabbit hole.

Reviewing the Surname Genealogy Results

When we used the search term “Kentucky Genealogies”, it returned over a million results. We pawed through the results to find this list of 297 genealogy books that contained a Kentuckian.

This list contains the surname and a link to the book in the Family Search library. There are some duplicate books but these had different reference numbers so it is possible the books is about a different family branch or a “part 2”.


  • You might have to create a free account to access the collection.
  • List extracted 30 June 2022. As FamilySearch organizes their collection, some titles change locations or become unavailable. 
Surname FamilySearch Book
Abbe The Abbe genealogy
Adair Adair history and genealogy
Allen The Allen genealogy
Allgood Allgood genealogy
Archer Genealogy of the Archer family.
Archer Archer genealogy
Axtell Axtell genealogy
Axtell Axtell genealogy.
Babcock Babcock genealogy
Backus Backus genealogy
Backus Backus genealogy.
Barrickman The genealogy of the Jacob Barrickman family from Pennsylvania, Kentucky, to Franklin, Ripley, and Marion Counties, Indiana
Baum Baum family of Tennessee genealogy
Baumann, Bauman Baumann / Bauman family of Daviess County, Kentucky : including a genealogy of the related DeLashmutt, Elliott, Higdon, Kuhn, Powell, Trammell and Wilkerson families : with a summary of Christian Heinrich Baumann’s descendants in the Luttrell
Beckham Genealogy of the Beckham family in Virginia : and the branches thereof in Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and West Virginia with family sketches
Beeler Beeler biography and genealogy
Beeson Beeson Genealogy
Belknap A Belknap genealogy
Berry, Rose Genealogy : Berry and Rose families
Beyea Beyea genealogy
Binford Supplement to Binford family genealogy
Blackwell Blackwell genealogy.
Bledsoe A Bledsoe genealogy
Boarman Genealogy of the Boarman family
Bott A genealogy of the Buche-Bott family
Bowen Bowen genealogy
Boyle Boyle genealogy, John Boyle of Virginia and Kentucky : notes on lines of descent with some collateral references
Branson Genealogy of Branson families in America…
Bromwell, Hall The Bromwell genealogy : including descendants of William Bromwell and Beulah Hall with data relating to others of the Bromwell name in America 
Brooks The Brooks genealogy
Brooks Brooks genealogy
Brown, Comly The Brown and Comly families genealogy
Brubaker Brubaker genealogy
Brubaker Brubaker genealogy;
Bruners The Bruners : history & genealogy
Burns The Burns genealogy
Burritt-Disbrow Burritt-Disbrow genealogy
Canine The Canine family genealogy
Carlson Carlson genealogy
Carmack The Carmack family genealogy;
Chambers Chambers genealogy
Chapman Chapman genealogy
Chase The Chase genealogy
Chastain Chastain genealogy
Christian, Skeleton, Shelton Christian-Skelton history and genealogy
Coan Coan genealogy, 1697-1982 
Collins Collins Genealogy
Collins-Wortham Collins-Wortham genealogy and biography
Conn, Conley Genealogy of Thomas Conn and Mildred Ann Conley and their descendants
Cottle Cottle genealogy
Countryman Countryman genealogy
Cowherd Cowherd genealogy
Crabtree Crabtree genealogy
Crowell Genealogy of the Crowell family
Dame Dame genealogy : Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky families
Davenport Davenport genealogy
Davidson Davidson Genealogy
Davidson The Davidson genealogy
Davis The Davis genealogy
Denison Denison genealogy
Diehl Diehl genealogy
Dreux Genealogy of the Dreux family
Dunlap, Hodge, Crockett, Rice, Bailey, Hazelrigg, Richards, Wyatt Descendants of Alexander Dunlap including Hodge, Atchinson, Crockett, Rice, Bailey, Hazelrigg, Richards, and Wyatt 
Duval Genealogy of the Nimrod Duval family
Eads An Eads genealogy
Edsons Genealogy of the Edsons
Ellis, Brown, Barbee Genealogy of Ellis, Brown, and Barbee
Emmons Emmons genealogy
Evans The Evans genealogy
Ewing, McCulloch, Buchanan Ewing-McCulloch-Buchanan genealogy
Fairchild The Fairchild genealogy
Farmer Genealogy of the Farmer family
Field Field genealogy
Field Field genealogy
Findley The Findley genealogy
Fisler Fisler genealogy
Ford The Ford Genealogy
Foster Foster genealogy
Foxworthy Foxworthy genealogy,1751-1964
Freeman A Freeman genealogy
French French family record: Genealogy of Mabel French Taylor 
Gaunt The Gaunt family: A Genealogy
George Lyman Foster The George Lyman Foster genealogy
Gibson Gibson genealogy
Glick Genealogy of the Glick family
Godley Godley genealogy
Goodpasture Goodpasture genealogy; v. 02
Goyer Goyer genealogy
Grad, Minzler Grad – Minzler genealogy
Graham A genealogy of one of the Graham families [of] Scotland, England, Ireland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa
Graves Graves family history and genealogy
Green Genealogy of the Green family
Green, Greene A partial genealogy of the Green–Greene family in America, 1669-1987 : (in New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas and other places) taken from “Greene family tree” by Alton Lee Greene
Greenlee, McDowells Genealogy of the Greenlee families in America, Scotland, Ireland and England : with ancestors of Elizabeth Brooks Greenlee and Emily Brooks Greenlee; also genealogical data on the McDowells of Virginia and Kentucky
Guilford Guilford genealogy
Hamilton A genealogy of the descendants of Hugh Hamilton
Harkness, Andrews, Beck A Family Genealogy
Harness Harness genealogy
Harris Harris genealogy
Harris The Harris genealogy
Haughey Haughey genealogy
Helm Helm genealogy
Helmick [Helmick genealogy
Hendershot Genealogy of the Hendershot family in America
Henderson Genealogy of the Henderson family
Herndon Hicks-Herndon genealogy
Hester Hester family genealogy
Hester A supplement to the genealogy of the descendants of John Hester of Fleming County, Kentucky
Hibbs The Hibbs genealogy
Highland Highland genealogy
Hilsabeck Hilsabeck and allied families genealogy
Hinds Hinds genealogy
Hollon Genealogy of the Hollon and related families: Early settlers of eastern Kentucky and their descendants
Hooper Hooper genealogy
Hord Genealogy of the Hord family
Hornback The Hornback genealogy
Hubbard Hubbard genealogy
Hulburt Hulburt genealogy
Hurt Hurt genealogy
Hutchison Hutchison genealogy
Hutcherson That Kentucky Hutcherson
Iliff Iliff genealogy
Ison Ison Genealogy
Israel, Mansel Israel and Mansel genealogy
Jackson The Jackson genealogy
Jasper Genealogy of the descendants of Jasper Griffing
Jefferson Genealogy of Jefferson Davis
Jenkins The Jenkins genealogy
Jennings Jennings genealogy
Johnson Genealogy of the Johnson family
Johnson Johnson genealogy
Jonathan, Wilkey The Jonathan tree or a Wilkey genealogy
Justice Genealogy of the Justice family
Keene Keene family history and genealogy
Kehoes The Kehoes of southern Indiana : a genealogy
Kelsey The Kelsey genealogy
Kent Kent genealogy
Kincaid Kincaid genealogy
Kincaid Kincaid genealogy
Krieg Krieg family history : an account of the genealogy of the Krieg family of Bartholomew County, Indiana
Kuhns Kuhns, a genealogy
Lacock Lacock genealogy
Lamb Lamb genealogy
Lamborn Records and memories of the Lamborn genealogy
Laughter The Laughter family genealogy
Layne Layne genealogy
Leas Leas genealogy
Leavitt Leavitt [genealogy]
Lee The Lee genealogy
LeMaster LeMaster genealogy, 1644-1962
Leming Leming family history and genealogy
Lineberger A Lineberger genealogy
Linenberger The Linenberger genealogy
Linenberger The Linenberger genealogy
Little Little genealogy
Locke Locke genealogy
Loring Loring genealogy
Loring Loring genealogy
Loughridge, Lochridge, Lockridge Loughridge, Lochridge, Lockridge : a genealogy
Lovingfoss Lovingfoss genealogy
Lowder Lowder genealogy
Lucas Lucas genealogy
Lynn The Lynn family:Ancestors and descendants of James Lynn, Jr., Revolutionary War soldier
Malone The Malone genealogy
Martin The Martin genealogy
McCall McCall genealogy
McCampbell McCampbell genealogy
McCann The McCann genealogy
McGehee McGehee genealogy
McHargue History and genealogy, the family of McHargue in America
McQuiston McQuiston genealogy; v. 02
Merrick Merrick genealogy, [a genealogical circular….]
Merriman [Merriman genealogy]
Mershon Mershon genealogy : “Mershon patriots”
Mesick Mesick genealogy
Miller The family genealogy of William Miller : and his descendants of Henry County, Kentucky
Milton The Milton genealogy, 1636-1960
Mitchell The Mitchell genealogy
Moore The Moore genealogy
Moore Moore genealogy
Morris Morris genealogy…
Morton A genealogy of the Morton family : with related genealogies
Murphy Charles Murphy genealogy
Myers Myers genealogy
Gilpins The Kentucky Gilpins
Ohmer Ohmer genealogy
Orendorff Orendorff genealogy
Orendorff Orendorff genealogy
Pardee The Pardee genealogy
Park Park of Kentucky, 1747-1929 : biographical sketches and genealogy of the descendants of Ebenezer Park, pioneer of Madison County, Kentucky
Parker – Newman Parker – Newman genealogy
Parvin A genealogy of the descendants of Thomas Parvin of Kentucky
Pate A Pate genealogy
Pawling Pawling genealogy
Peery The Peery genealogy
Pennington Estes Pennington Estes genealogy
Peter, MacDonald Supplement no. 1 to edition B of the MacDonald genealogy containing records of the descendants of Jesse Peter, one of the pioneer settlers near Mackville, Washington County, Kentucky; together with a few remarks on the early history of the Pete
Pope A genealogy of the Pope family of Kentucky
Potter Genealogy of Potter family : Middlesex, Monmouth, & Ocean counties
Pratt Pratt genealogy
Price The Price genealogy
Prichard, Hughes The Prichard family : history and genealogy of the descendants of James and Elizabeth Hughes Prichard of New Castle, Kentucky
Prichard, Purcell The Prichard family : history and genealogy of the descendants, antecedents and collateral relatives of Harmon and Nancy Purcell Prichard of Mason County, Kentucky
Priest Priest genealogy
Provolt Provolt genealogy
Putnam Putnam genealogy : recording the descendants of Thomas Putnam, the immigrant to Virginia, 1647; also contains an enumeration of the living descendants of the “Virginia – Carolina – Kentucky” Putnams; also contains brief genealogies of the Harpe
Rainwater Genealogy of the Rainwater family
Ralph A history of the genealogy of the Ralph family : from England to America to their settlement in Kentucky and up to the present time, 1734-1982
Ramage Genealogy of James Ramage’s family
Ramage Genealogy of Josiah Ramage’s family
Rathbone Rathbone genealogy
Ray The Ray Book: A Family of Central Kentucky, 1705-1993
Raymond, Mchatton Harry Raymond and Ethel May (McHatton) Allen of Fayette County, Kentucky : and a genealogy of their ancestors including the Allen, Boone, Bryan, Craig, Embry, Gayheart, Goodwin, Graves, Grimes, Hager, Massie, McHatton, McNamara, Murphy, Reynold
Reed The Reed genealogy
Reed The Reed genealogy
Reynolds The Reynolds genealogy
Rippey Rippey genealogy
Rippey Rippey genealogy
Robards History and genealogy of the Robards family
Robards History and genealogy of the Robards family
Roberts The Roberts genealogy
Roberts, Vol 1 Roberts : the genealogy of a southeastern Kentucky family, Vol. 2
Roberts, Vol 2 Roberts : the genealogy of a southeastern Kentucky family, Vol. 1
Robinson Robinson genealogy
Rockefeller Rockefeller genealogy
Rodman Notes on Rodman genealogy
Rogers The Rogers genealogy
Rudabaugh Rodabaugh family genealogy : a genealogy with allied families
Runyon Runyon genealogy; a genealogy of the Runyon families who settled early in Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia
Scatterday The Scatterday genealogy
Schureman Schureman genealogy
Scott Genealogy of the Scott family
Scott, Galloway The genealogy of the Scott and Galloway families : Scotland; Mifflin County, Pennsylvania; Bourbon County, Kentucky; Vol 2
Seaman, Hunt, Wright Seaman – Hunt – Wright genealogy
Shawhan Shawhan family genealogy
Shipman The Shipman genealogy
Shivers Shivers genealogy
Skiles Notes on the Skiles family genealogy
Smock Smock genealogy
Soechtig Soechtig family genealogy
Spurriers Spurriers in America : a genealogy
Stebbins The Stebbins genealogy
Steed Steed genealogy
Stewart The Stewart genealogy
Stone The Stone genealogy
Strawn Strawn genealogy
Street The Street genealogy
Street The Street genealogy
Stutts Stutts genealogy
Swink Genealogy, the Swink family of Missouri
Tackwell Tackwell genealogy
Terrell Terrell genealogy
Thomas The Thomas genealogy
Thornton Thornton genealogy
Threlkeld Threlkeld genealogy
Tidball [Tidball genealogy]
Tidball Tidball genealogy
Tidball Tidball Genealogy;
Timberlake Timberlake genealogy
Torian Torian genealogy
Torian Torian genealogy, Vol. 2
Torrey Torrey genealogy
Townsend (and more) Benedictus Townsend of South Carolina : a genealogy : a genealogy of Benedictus Townsend and his wife, Lucilla Light, of South Carolina containing related families of Barnett, Bishop, Boyer, Breeden, Cannon, Caulk, Crichton, Davis, Dell, Duval, Ellis, Galloway, Grider, Hadden, Hale, Hancock, Ingalls, Livingston, Martin, McClellan, McLeod, McMullen, Napier, Ponder, Rogers, Sample, Smith, Standley, Taylor, Thomas, Tompkins, Waters, Williams and others of Georgia, Florida, Kentucky and South Carolina
Townshend, Townsend Genealogy of the Townshend-Townsend family
Trabue Colonial men and times : containing the journal of Col. Daniel Trabue, some account of his ancestry, life and travels in Virginia and the present state of Kentucky during the Revolutionary period : the Huguenots : genealogy, with brief sketches
Tyson Tyson genealogy
Van Culin, Cullen Genealogy of the Van Culin (Culin, Cullen, Kulen, etc.) family in New York, California, Kentucky, and Europe also, notes on the allied families of Swenson, Smith, Moss, Oakford, Waddington and others, research material from various souces
Vanlandingham Vanlandingham genealogy; vol.2
Wagle The John Wagle genealogy
Walls Walls genealogy
Warder A history and genealogy of the Warder family in Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois
Weaver The genealogy of the George W. Weaver family of Kentucky and allied families
Weedon Weedon genealogy
Weedon Weedon genealogy
Welch Welch genealogy
Westhafer The Westhafer genealogy
Westhafer The Westhafer genealogy
Westover Genealogy of Westover families of Missouri
Wheat Wheat genealogy
Wheeler, Puckett The life and times of William Wheeler & Nancy Puckett : of Albemarle County, Virginia and Barren County, Kentucky whose descendants came to Missouri : with a genealogy of the grandfather of William Wheeler, Micajah Wheeler of Albemarle County,
Wheeless A Wheeless genealogy
Whitmer The Whitmer family genealogy
William Smith Genealogy of the William Smith family
Williamson Alden Williamson genealogy : a genealogical record of Alden Williamson’s family in Pike, Martin, Floyd, Johnson, Lawrence and Boyd Counties in Kentucky and Mingo, Wayne, Logan, Lincoln, Cabell and Wyoming Counties in West Virginia
Willits Willits genealogy
Wilson Genealogy of the Walter Wilson family
Wiltberger Wiltberger, Richard David : genealogy
Wiltrout The Wiltrout genealogy
Winebrenner Winebrenner genealogy
Woodman Woodman genealogy
Woodsons Historical genealogy of the Woodsons and their connections
Worley Genealogy of the Worley family
Wylie Wylie genealogy
Wylie Wylie genealogy
Wylie Wylie genealogy
Young Young genealogy
Rector The Rectors of Wayne County, Kentucky

Editor’s Notes

These links worked when extracted in June 2022. Over time, the books may cease to be available or moved to a new location causing the link to fail. If you find a link that doesn’t work, Contact Us so we can remove it.

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We Found 297 Genealogy Books about Kentucky Families

We Found 297 Genealogy Books about Kentucky Families

Researching your family Kentucky ancestors? We found 297 family research examples, including Appalachian surnames and Southern surnames.

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