The Kentucky Genealogical Society is affiliated with the following national and global organizations:

International German Genealogy Partnership

The International German Genealogy Partnership is a group of partner societies interested in German Genealogy. The partnership is a network to share ideas, contacts, research information and resources to help our members trace their Germanic heritage wherever it is found. Uniting German genealogy researchers globally is the goal of this partnership. The Kentucky Genealogical Society is a Partner of the International German Genealogy Partnership.

National Genealogical Society 

The National Genealogical Society was organized in Washington, DC, in 1903. It has a long history of leading the way in genealogy and produced some remarkable achievements. It was the first national genealogical organization. The society published the first national genealogical journal and co-created the Board for Certification. The Kentucky Genealogical Society is an organizational member of the National Genealogical Society.