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The Kentucky Genealogical Society has been supporting genealogy since 1973. We are committed to helping people find their roots no matter where they are located.

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  • Genealogy Education Programs
    • Free admission to regularly scheduled genealogy programs ($350+ value)
    • Access to our extensive Learning Library that is full of webinars from genealogy industry experts and Kentucky experts
  • Members Only Content
    • Our special collection of Kentucky records including early statehood tax list images and more
    • Our collections from the Grant Digitization Program
    • Over 100 on-demand genealogy program video recordings we have curated to further your Kentucky genealogical education
  • Connection to other Kentucky Family Researchers
    • Join our Front Porch Talks discussion groups.
    • Participate in volunteer opportunities to assist other family researchers

The Kentucky Genealogical Society stands out as the sole entity in the Commonwealth wholly dedicated to genealogy research across all 120 counties. We welcome individuals from every walk of life, regardless of their level of expertise, to join us as members and reap the rewards of our extensive offerings. Our resources and services are tailored exclusively for the benefit of Kentucky’s genealogical researchers and family historians. Come be a part of our community and delve into the fascinating history of Kentucky’s lineage.

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