Genealogy Forms and Templates

These free fillable genealogical charts are available for free to assist you with getting started researching your family.

Using the Family Tree Chart

A family tree chart or pedigree chart is a visual tool that is used to trace the lineage of a family or individual. This chart is often used by genealogists and historians to track the ancestry of a person or family.

A pedigree chart typically contains the name, birth date, and death date of each individual, as well as their relationship to the others on the chart. This information can be used to identify patterns or trends in a family's history.

If you are getting start with your family tree, there are two family tree chart versions. One is a traditional chart and the other is gender non-specific for the parents and grandparents. Both charts show three generations. 

Using the Family Group Sheet

The family group sheet is a classic chart for genealogy research. This chart is a document used in genealogy to record the essential information about a nuclear family. This information includes the names, dates of birth, and places of birth of the parents and children, as well as the marriages and any divorces that have occurred within the family.

The family group sheet is a useful tool for organizing and keeping track of information about a family. It can also be used to share information with other family members or researchers. There are many different ways to format a family group sheet, but most include the same basic information.