Front Porch Talks: Scots-Irish


Front Porch Talks: Scots-Irish

Join us on the 'front porch' as we delve into the vibrant Scots-Irish heritage in Kentucky. Share tales, uncover roots, and explore our shared past.

Welcome to the Scots-Irish Group, a gathering of society members passionate about tracing our Scots-Irish roots in Kentucky. Picture us huddled together on a virtual ‘front porch’, sharing stories, insights, and research findings in a warm, friendly setting.

Our monthly meetings take us on an enthralling journey back in time. We explore the motivations that brought our Scots-Irish ancestors to Kentucky, trace the routes they took, and follow the breadcrumbs they left behind. In this collaborative setting, we turn individual research into shared knowledge. Each session is an opportunity to learn from one another, piece together our rich Scots-Irish heritage, and continue our ongoing exploration of Kentucky’s historical tapestry.

Join us on this captivating journey into our shared past, where every ‘front porch’ gathering brings new discoveries and strengthens our connection to the vibrant Scots-Irish thread in the fabric of Kentucky’s history.

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This virtual group meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 7 PM using the GotoMeeting Platform. Society members can use the following form to join the group as a membership benefit.

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