Front Porch Talks: KY Ancestors Pre-1850 Research


Front Porch Talks: KY Ancestors Pre-1850 Research

Uncover your pre-1850 Kentucky roots with fellow society members. Share insights, pool resources, and bring ancestral stories to life while sipping a cool beverage on our virtual "front porch".

Join fellow society members in our dedicated KY Ancestors Pre-1850 Research Group. Picture us gathered as if on a virtual front porch, where the sharing of stories and discoveries is as important as the meticulous work of tracing our roots.

Researching our early Kentucky lineage, especially prior to the 1850 census, can be as challenging as it is rewarding. The 1850 census was the first to record comprehensive family data, which means information about family structures and relationships before this time is often sparse and elusive.

In our monthly meetings, we turn this challenge into a collaborative journey. We pool resources, exchange strategies, and discuss findings, all with the common goal of piecing together our family histories from this less-charted era. Just like in the old times on a front porch, we come together to share and learn, bringing our ancestral stories to life amidst the camaraderie of shared curiosity and passion.

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This virtual group generally meets monthly on the first Tuesday at 7 PM using the GotoMeeting Platform. Society members can use the following form to join the group as a membership benefit.

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