Front Porch Talks: All Things DNA


Front Porch Talks: All Things DNA

Join our DNA Research Group! Dive into genetic genealogy, demystify genetics' intricate lexicon, and discover the power of DNA in tracing ancestry. Monthly virtual 'front porch' meetups.

Join our DNA Discovery Research Group, a dynamic collective of society members who come together each month to explore the fascinating world of genetic genealogy. Picture us huddled together on a virtual ‘front porch’, swapping stories, discussing our latest findings, and diving deep into the mysteries of DNA.

Our monthly meetings offer a unique blend of scientific discovery and ancestral storytelling. We explore the nuts and bolts of DNA testing, demystify the intricate lexicon of genetics, and uncover the ways in which our DNA connects us to our ancestors.

This is a space where curiosity meets community. Each session is an opportunity to learn from one another, share insights, and piece together the intricate puzzle that is our genetic heritage. It’s a journey into the heart of who we are, guided by the unique stories that our DNA can tell.

Join us on this exciting expedition into our shared genetic past, where every ‘front porch’ gathering brings new revelations and deepens our understanding of the power of DNA in our genealogical research.

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This virtual group meets monthly on the third Thursday at 7 PM using the GotoMeeting Platform. Society members can use the following form to join the group as a membership benefit.

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