The books included in this collection are books that were available at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA).  Many county tax records books are missing, and the books that do still exist may be missing pages, and are therefore incomplete.

The tax list images are organized by year, book, and consecutive number. All pages in each book are included in the pdf.  Note that the lists are not in strict alphabetical order.  Some of the images have bleed through from the back page and may be difficult to read.

1787 Tax List

1788 Tax List

Waller is listed on the first sheet as 1788, but from page 12-24 the date on the tax list is 1787. JN Waller pages are odd numbered 1,3,5,9,11 and no number for the last page.

Source:  Bourbon County Tax Assessment,  Auditor’s Office,  Division of Archives and Records, Department for Libraries and Archives, Commonwealth of Kentucky. (images created August 2015).

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