Frankfort Cemetery Records

Between 1978 and 1988, the Kentucky Genealogical Society began documenting the Frankfort Cemetery located in Frankfort, Kentucky. Project Chair, Ramona Slattery, lead a team of close to 50 people. This project was an immense undertaking.

While sites like Find A Grave make this information freely available today, this was an impressive task for a volunteer organization. The finished project was a 541-page book that contains illustrations along with the compilation of names and dates on all grave markers in the Frankfort Cemetery as of the year of publication.

Highlights of the Book

The book highlights the following items:

  • Provides a map to the gravesite of Daniel and Rebecca Boone
  • Pictures of curious grave markers
  • Picture of an 1890 Chapel that was built for funeral services

The Frankfort Cemetery project results are available to Kentucky Genealogical Society members at our Member Portal. 

Frankfort Cemetery Chapel
Frankfort Cemetery Chapel

The Frankfort Cemetery Chapel was built in 1890 at a cost of about $7,000. The purpose was to provide a place to hold funeral services in the cemetery. This was an era when ”undertakers" did not pro­vide adequate facilities for funerals as funeral homes do now.

Project Participants

The project was lead by Ramona Slattery.

She acknowledged the following individuals for their assistance.

  • Robert W. Smith, Wilena R. Cinnamond, John and Roberta Padgett, Mary Paul Shannon, Charles Hinds, Theodore Walter, Charles Hall, Landon and Ilene Wills, Mary Johnson, George Johnson, Frank Sower, Vivian Peter, Caroline Peter, Iris Byington, Ruth Langan, Mary Jane Rodgers, and Brian D. Harney for painstakingly copying tombstone inscriptions.
  • Robert W. Smith, Wilena R. Cinnamond, Leo N. Slattery, and John and Roberta Padgett for on—site proofreading of tombstone inscriptions.
  • Jacqueline Edwards, Linda Anderson, and Wilena R. Cinnamond for proof reading the typed copy.
  • Wanda H. Murphy for typing the final copy of manuscript.
  • James S. Cozine, superintendent of the Frankfort Cemetery from 1963 until his death in 1985, and James L. Richardson, current superintendent, for their courteous assistance and cooperation whenever needed.
  • Landon and Ilene Wills for providing invaluable editorial work and assembling the photographs. Landon composed the historical sketch of the Cemetery. Ilene indexed the entire volume.
  • Jeffrey A. Frodge for his illustration of the Cemetery gates on the title page.
  • Clayton Cox, Iris Byington, Theodore Walter, Mary Jane Rodgers, Linda Anderson, and Wilena R. Cinnamond, succeeding presidents of the Kentucky Genealogical Society, 1978-1988, for their leadership and continuing interest throughout the project.
  • Robert W. Smith and Wilena R. Cinnamond for their dedication to the task and for giving every encouragement possible to the project chairman.