Family Bible Records Scanning Project

The birth, death, and marriage information lovingly recorded in family bibles are true treasures – and sometimes the only record of long-ago family events. Often, these bibles contained the only written records of births, marriages and deaths of a family. These remain solid components to proving a family genealogy.

To help keep those records alive and make them available to researchers, the Kentucky Genealogical Society launched the family bible records scanning project. 

During that time members have donated family bible record scans to the Society from many Kentucky ancestors. Some of these family bibles records go back to the founding of Kentucky and detail many vital records that genealogists rely upon.

Volunteering for the Family Bible Records Project

You can assist in multiple and important ways:

  • Scanning of the bible records requires a scanner 
  • Transcribing the bible records requires a careful eye to capture the ancestor names and dates
  • Indexing the bible makes the information easy for other researchers to search

Volunteer here.

Contributing family bible records

If you would like to contribute your family bible records to this project, volunteer here.

The following forms assist us with understanding the Bible and handles the legal matters. 

Digital scans from past members are available to current Kentucky Genealogical Society members.