Over the past few years, we've made huge strides in expanding our impact for Kentucky genealogical researchers.

Plans for expanding programs and projects are ambitious, and they're achievable – if enough volunteers join the effort.

We are a community, of, by, and for genealogical researchers. Everything we accomplish is through the kindness of our community participants. We have no staff and no building. We are completely volunteer driven and led.

Do you have a talent or skill that could help us advance our mission? If so, we could sure use your help!

Here's a list of committees, what they do, and the skills needed for each. Please decide which committee(s) best fit your skills, talents, and interests. Then email the committee representative or see online form at end of this page for expressing interest. 

Finance Committee: Prepares the budget; arranges an annual audit for presentation at the annual meeting; determines new sources of income.
Skills needed: Do you have a budget, finance, tax, audit, metrics, or analytics background?
Chair: Brenda Hume – finance@kygs.org

Grant Committee: Considers, evaluates, and selects the recipient of the digitization grant.
Skills needed: Do you have experience ethically evaluating grant applications or have a passion for seeing rare record sets get digitized for researchers?
Chair: Kathy Keyser – grant@kygs.org

Membership Committee: Prepares and implements a plan for soliciting new members and encouraging renewals.
Skills needed: Do you have experience with promotion to help grow an organization's membership – or enthusiasm for doing that?
Chair: Rosemary McFarland – membership@kygs.org

Program Committee: Arranges for all adult education programs.
Skills needed: Do you have organizational skills? Do you want to help bring programs to the membership?
Chair: Jodi Roessler – program@kygs.org

Projects Committee: Initiates and conducts all projects approved by the board of directors.
Skills needed: Do you have experience or an interest in digitizing or indexing Kentucky records for members to access?
Chair: Rosemary McFarland – projects@kygs.org

Communications, Publications, and Publicity Committees: 

Informs the membership and the general public about programs and events through periodical publications, social media, the website, media releases, and other formats and platforms.

Bluegrass Roots: Writes, edits, designs, and publishes the quarterly magazine Bluegrass Roots.
Skills needed: Do you enjoy writing, editing, taking photos, designing, or formatting digital publications?
Editor: Fran Salyers – publications@kygs.org

Newsletter: Develops and distributes the monthly email newsletter.
Skills needed: Do you enjoy writing or editing short articles and announcements, taking photographs, or formatting electronic newsletters?
Editor: Jodi Roessler – program@kygs.org

Social Media: Manages the content of social media pages.
Skills needed: Do you have experience communicating information via social media?
Chair: Cynthia Maharrey – social@kygs.org

Publicity: Keeps members and others informed about programs and services.
Skills needed: Do you enjoy promoting events, projects, and activities to the public and the media?
Chair: Fran Salyers – publications@kygs.org

Seminar Committee: Organizes in-person or virtual seminars.
Skills needed: Are you willing to help organize and bring to life these seminars?
Co-Chairs: Christopher Padgett and Terry Smith – president@kygs.org.

Technology Committee: Keeps the organization up-to-date on advancements in technology and how technology can benefit the society and its members.
Skills needed: Do you have experience using/managing websites, webinars, videos, software, or new media?
Chair: Jo Olson – technology@kygs.org

Bylaws Committee: Considers amendments to the bylaws.
Skills needed: Do you have legal, governance, contract, or compliance experience?
Chair: – Kathy Ryan – kryan@manleyburke.com

Want to start soon as a volunteer? Please send an email to the chair of the committee that is the best fit for you.

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