A family group sheet provides basic information about one family–-surname, names of father, mother, and children, along with dates and places of birth, marriage, and death. It may include more facts, such as other spouses, and events, such as migration.

You can create and submit family group sheets and explore the family group sheets of other members. KYGS maintains a surname index of all sheets to assist members’ research. If you have never used a family group sheet or want some tips for creating one, watch the tutorial below.

Submitting Your Family Group Sheet

Submit a family group sheet by completing a form like this KYGS one. Another option is to submit one already created using software, such as Family Tree Maker or RootsMagic. We will accept family group sheets from folks not from Kentucky. Let’s celebrate the hard research we do!

Guidelines for Submitting a Family Group Sheet

Use these guidelines for preparing your family group sheets.

    • If there are multiple spouses, create a family group sheet for each couple.
    • Include only confirmed information.
    • Parents must be deceased.
    • If children are living, do not include the person’s name. Use one of these options as the name to indicate a living child:
        • Private
        • Living Child
        • Include the gender and/or general birth date information, for example, Living daughter born after 1940.
    • If a child is adopted, note it.
    • Include the sources of your information. Sources provide proof of accuracy and more research avenues for members with ancestors in common. Don’t worry if your software program adds more resources, those might be helpful to future researchers.
    • Add your contact information to the sheet if you would like to have others contact you. This information may not be kept private, so you may want to limit the information to your email address.

Formatting Your Family Group Sheet

If your family group sheet is not prepared with software, use these guidelines for formatting the sheet.

    • Surname in all caps
    • Name order-–LAST, first, middle
    • Use the wife’s maiden name as the surname
    • Dates input as day, month, year (12 Feb 2022)
    • Use full place names

Family Group Sheets

Note: If you have a slow Internet connection, these apps may take a moment longer to appear.

Family Group Sheet Tutorial