Researching Women In Civil War Medicine


Researching Women In Civil War Medicine

In this presentation, participants will learn the role of women in 1860s regarding medicine and medical records of both the Union and Confederacy.

What You Will Learn

Thousands of women volunteered their time serving the sick and wounded during the hostilities of the Civil War, yet most were never recorded on official rosters. Women doctors, nurses, matrons, cooks, and laundresses served on both sides of the conflict. Many traveled with the armies and served in the camps, many served in the field aid stations near the battles and many more in the hospitals behind the lines. Why were so few ever recognized for their service? Learn how we can uncover their stories of service and sacrifice.


Janiece (Jenny) Coss teaches genealogy courses through the Topeka public library, gives presentations at regional genealogy conferences and volunteers on preservation projects with local historical societies. She takes courses through the Museum Studies Graduate Program at the University of Kansas. During a career at the Boeing Company as an Industrial Engineer and raising a family, genealogy was always an avocation. After retirement she has engaged in extensive research, grass roots travel and participating in numerous courses to build her own knowledge and skill.

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Researching Women in Civil War Medicine

29 Jul, 20247:00pm EDT1 hour

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