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Information hidden below the surface or totally absent helps researchers reconstruct events, identities, and relationships that no record specifies. Such hidden information is indirect or negative evidence. This session discusses the qualities of both kinds of evidence, which are easily misunderstood. It also describes uses of indirect and negative evidence, and it gives examples of applying those uses to solving genealogical problems.

Speaker: Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, is a genealogical researcher, writer, editor, and educator

Browning Genealogy chronicles obituaries and local history from counties in Southern Indiana, Northwestern Kentucky, and Southeastern Illinois. The Browning Genealogy staff continues adding new entries to the database on a daily basis, including obituaries from 11 counties in Indiana, as well as two counties in Illinois and 15 counties in Kentucky.

The Foundation continues Mr. Browning's legacy through preservation, education, community engagement, and outreach.

Cost: Free

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