Finding Free Kentucky Genealogy Resources

Family research is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States, but it doesn't have to be the most expensive one! In this area, you will find articles on where you can get resources and the majority of them are free. Plus, we explore why and how to apply this information to your research - the little known one-two-punch method.

Tips for genealogists. Determining if a vital record exists for your Kentucky ancestor.

Our Quick Guide to Getting Started with the Free DNA Painter Tool

Maps assist genealogists with locating where ancestors lived and worked. Learn how to use the different and free maps in your family research.

Learn the four-step land patent process

If your Kentucky county courthouse fell upon a disaster, use these ideas to find alternate records.

The KDLA has many records of genealogical value that are free to the public.

KYGS Member finds her family in The Log Cabin newspaper

Find your Kentucky Revolutionary War Veteran with these resources.

In 1866, the Kentucky Legislature enacted an imperfect law to legitimize the marriages of formerly enslaved persons.

Learn some surprising places to find your female ancestors along with some tips for finding her maiden name. Then you’ll be ready to discover your Kentucky roots.

Clues about our ancestors’ lives may be scattered over multiple counties and states, the key is knowing the possible information these records contain about pioneer life.

A good source of early Kentucky genealogical information is the county tax lists.

In this video, Dr. Shelley Murphy reminds us the Freedmen's Bureau collection contains records for more than just freedmen.

Here are tips for finding your ancestor’s coal mining records.

Family researchers can find older editions of Laurel County Newspapers online. Learn How.

For many Kentucky researchers, the US census is the go-to record for understanding family genealogy. Since 1790, the US government has counted the inhabitants of the states.

Take advantage of periodicals for your family research.

Littell's Law Books contain rich details about what our ancestors were doing in the early years of Kentucky.

When searching for Kentucky ancestors, you can take advantage of these free genealogy books to assist with your family research.

We have collected over 80 examples of family histories and genealogy that you can use as a resource for your research or learn how to write a compelling family history.