Kentucky Genealogical Society
What’s In It For You?
Why Volunteer to Serve on the KGS Board?
Maybe you work full time. Maybe you’re retired but are already involved with other groups. Or you’re taking care of children or aging parents – maybe both. 
You’re busy. We understand. Yet we still have the nerve to ask you to serve on the KGS board. How can we do that? Here are some thoughts:
Every person now serving on the KGS board is busy. Some of us work full time; some work part-time. Some of us have children under the age of 10, and others have older children or grandchildren who need our attention. Some of us are caregivers for elderly or ailing relatives; some of us have health issues of our own. All of us are genealogists/family historians who love doing research for ourselves and sometimes for others. Yet all of us are on the KGS board, and some have served for six years or longer.
  • Why do we do it? On some days, we might wonder ourselves! Still, we get satisfaction from it. We see KGS as important to genealogy. 
  • We see KGS services as important to all researchers with Kentucky roots. 
  • We feel proud when a Second Saturday Genealogy program, Bluegrass Rootsarticle, or a website or Facebook post provides a key to help someone find the answer to an unsolved mystery. 
  • We get excited and energized when we make new resources available online.
  • We like to feel that we’re giving back to the genealogical community.
Still, there comes a time when board members are ready to leave –  to accept new challenges, to devote more time to research, or just to make room for people with new ideas. For KGS to continue and expand services, the board needs others who will step in.
So we ask you to consider running for a position on the KGS board. Please read more about the responsibilities of each office (see, decide where your own skills and talents fit, and send email to and let us know where to put your name on the ballot. 
The election for 2018-2019 will happen this November, so please respond no later than October 1. You can also nominate someone else who is willing to serve.
KGS can serve genealogists only if enough genealogists serve KGS. I hope you will consider running for a board office.