Kentucky Genealogical Society
In all organizations, good things don't just happen. People make them happen!
Over the past few years, KGS has made huge strides in serving the genealogy community. Plans for expanding those services and adding new ones are ambitious, but they're achievable – IF enough people join the effort.
You’re busy. Most people are. Yet KGS has the nerve to ask you to volunteer. How can KGS do that? Because those who have volunteered in the past have discovered that good things happen faster when more people work together, each doing a little, than when a few people are pushed to do a lot.
So we ask you to consider being a KGS volunteer. The opportunities run the gamut – recruiting new members, responding to emails, finding the best presenters for 2nd Saturday Genealogy events, writing articles for Bluegrass Roots, making coffee at 2nd Saturday Genealogy programs, helping with the Annual Seminar, serving on the KGS board. The list of possibilities is long, and every completed task makes a difference.
Please click on "About KGS" to learn about the board and the various committees. Then think about where your own skills and talents fit. Questions? Click on any of the email links in the list of board members and committee leaders, or send email to  Once you've decided how you would like to be involved, use the same email address to let us know. 
KGS can serve genealogists only if enough genealogists serve KGS.
Please consider volunteering.