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Directory of Genealogy Speakers

At the request of members and various organizations, KGS presents this list of people who offer their services as speakers on genealogical topics. All names and information were submitted by the speakers who wish to publicize their services here. KGS makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information or the quality of the presentations offered. KGS does not endorse the speakers on the list or receive compensation for including them on the list. KGS simply makes the list available as a service.
Looking for a speaker? KGS recommends that you interview one or more candidates to see which speaker will best meet your needs. Individuals or organizations that hire a speaker from this list are solely responsible for making all arrangements directly with the speakers and paying all fees and expenses charged and/or negotiated by the speakers. KGS will not provide financial support for travel, honorariums, or any other expense related to agreements between individuals/organizations and speakers.
If you would like to be included in this directory, please email
Fred May
Developing Family Theory Stories according to principles of critical and creative thinking. We don't know what we think about complex issues until we write about them. Developing family theories is related to scientific method and to the development of legal case theory. Multiple-working theories help the family historian make a case for the correct family story, examining multiple possible theory stories.

For three years I taught a Professional Learning Community (PLC) on Critical Thinking and Family History at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) where we studied family history through the eyes of critical and creative thinkers.

I just retired from EKU and am focusing on my May family history and coauthoring a book on "Theory Stories and Family History". The principles are adopted from the Foundation for Critical Thinking in northern California and case theory as developed by the legal profession.
Debra Renard
Eureka! Genealogy
Speaker at local, state and national levels specializing in Genetic Genealogy. Topics include: “The ABCs of DNA – An Introduction to Genetic Genealogy” [Beginner] “Why Y? Patrilineal DNA Research for Genetic Genealogy” [Beg/Int] “Getting Acquainted with AncestryDNA” [Beg/Int] “mtDNA and X-DNA – What’s What & Who’s Who” [Int] “’Cuz We’re Cousins – Using Autosomal DNA to Break Down Brick Walls” [Int] “Autosomal DNA - Using Excel Spreadsheets to Organize and Track Results” [Int/Adv] “An EXCEL-lent Resource - Using Spreadsheets to Organize Genealogical Data” [Int]