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KGS Publications

KGS creates three publications. Bluegrass Roots, the quarterly journal published since 1973, is available to members only. The KGS Newsletter is published at least four times per year and contains news about upcoming events and current activities and projects. The Tech Talk Newsletter is published monthly and usually includes a handout for that month's Tech Talk Workshop. Both newsletters are available to the public. 
Bluegrass Roots
Bluegrass Roots switched from print to digital publication with the Spring 2014 issue. Digital copies are available in the Members Only section of this website, and members are notified by email when a new issue is published. The journal contains a variety of articles and information dealing with Kentucky and her ancestors, including compiled indexes of records. Kentucky-related book reviews, abstracts, and research aides. It also contains family information queries from members as space and time permit.
Researchers interested in submitting their own stories or records to Bluegrass Roots should review the submission guidelines and the author contract.
Back issues of Bluegrass Roots may be purchased for $4.50 for KGS members, and $5.00 for non-members, for a scan of the original issue. If a photocopy of the original is required, the purchase price is $10 per issue. Please allow up to three weeks for mail delivery. Issues will be sent after the fee is received. See the topic list for all past issues for articles of interest. Email for availability
KGS Newsletter
The KGS Newsletter contains announcements about KGS upcoming events, ongoing activites and projects and news of interest to Kentucky researchers. The KGS Newsletter is available to the public. The most recent and a few previous issues are available from Downloads. Subscribe to the KGS mailing list to receive email notifications when a new KGS Newsletter is released.  
Tech Talk
Tech Talk was a series of workshops designed to help genealogists utilize technology to support their research. These sessions were sponsored by the Kentucky Genealogical Society as part of the Second Saturday Workshops. Handouts from sessions running from March 2013 through June 2014 are available to the public from Downloads. (If a handout is not listed, there was not a tech session that month.) 
Workshop DVDs
The Kentucky Genealogical Society and the Kentucky Historical Society collaborate with the Frankfort Plant Board (the city's utility and cable provider), to make video recordings of many Second Saturday Workshop presentations. As a service to the genealogocal community, the Plant Board makes those recordings available on DVD at a nominal charge.
A list of available programs recorded January 2008–December 2013 includes ordering information. KGS will add titles to the list as new DVDs become available. 
Last Update: 10 Jul 2014